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Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is

so complicated.

Paul Rand

Work History

Hashnode (Graphic Designer/Illustrator)

September 2021 - 2023

Creating marketing-based and branded marketing materials using, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, and other design related assets.

Studio Misfit (Creative team lead)

June 2020

Promoted to Creative team lead to supervise and coordinate members of the creative team.

Studio Misfit (Graphic Designer & Illustrator)

May 2017 - June 2020

Developing web graphics, logos, infographics, whitepapers, ebooks, social media materials, digital illustrations, and other related work for startups amd early stage technology companies

About Rob Wapaño

I'm Rob, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator hailing from the Philippines.

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, I bring a diverse skill set to the table. Apart from my expertise in design and illustration, I also have a background in controlled-lighting photography.

What I can do

As a versatile graphic designer and illustrator, I specialize in illustration, graphic design, social media content visuals, and complete brand design. I can help bring your ideas to life through captivating illustrations, eye-catching designs, engaging social media posts, and visually appealing brand visuals.


Illustrations are vital for captivating potential customers and users. They convey messages, evoke emotions, and enhance brand identity through unique visuals.

With personality, creativity, and storytelling, illustrations create engaging experiences, differentiate from competitors, and attract and retain customers with their aesthetic appeal.

Graphic Design

Good graphic design is crucial for a growing company's marketing materials and social media. It establishes a strong brand presence, engages the target audience, and drives conversions. Effective design enhances visual appeal, communicates clearly, and establishes credibility.

Consistency, attention-grabbing visuals, compelling typography, and alignment with the brand identity and audience are key factors. Investing in quality design ensures a competitive edge, increased visibility, and business growth.

Social media Content

Excellent social media graphics design is crucial for a fast-growing company. It grabs attention, boosts brand visibility, and drives engagement. Well-designed graphics effectively convey messages, create a cohesive brand image, and establish credibility.

3D Illustrations drafted and rendered by Rob Wapaño

Key factors include eye-catching visuals, consistent branding, clear messaging, and alignment with the target audience. Investing in excellent design ensures a strong online presence, improved brand perception, and sustained growth.

Logomark Design

In the realm of graphic design, a logomark is a distinct and simplified visual element that embodies the essence of a brand or company. It is a unique symbol, often devoid of any accompanying text, created to be instantly recognizable and memorable.

Logomarks are meticulously crafted to encapsulate the core values, personality, and purpose of the brand they represent, enabling effective communication even without the need for words. They play a pivotal role in establishing brand identity and fostering immediate recognition in the minds of the audience.

But note that logomarks are the cherry on top of the cake or the tip of the iceberg, the Pyramidion on an Egyptian pyramid. It is the centerpoint of the brand, but would need the rest of the structure to hold it. It needs an identy, it needs a voice, a tone, a philosophy, a body.

Social Proof

Social proof plays a crucial role in establishing the credibility of a creative individual. It serves as a validation of their skills and capabilities, reinforcing their reputation within their field. When others vouch for their work, it adds weight to their expertise and showcases the impact they've made.

I admire Rob's strong work ethic and creative expression in his projects. He excels in teamwork and exhibits effective leadership. His designs strike a balance between simplicity and style, reflecting his elegant minimalism. Rob consistently seeks chances to experiment and learn, leading to the continuous improvement and evolution of his work.

Michael Aliposa

Former art director, Studio Misfit

In the case of Rob, his journey as a designer, illustrator, and leader has garnered admiration and praise from noteworthy individuals.

Rob and I collaborated extensively at Hashnode. He's a talented designer I enjoyed working with, showcasing remarkable visual skills and an eye for appealing layouts. He effortlessly transformed intricate concepts into intuitive, striking designs.

Rob's work is meticulous, always considering diverse user perspectives for functional, accessible, and elegant designs. His iterative approach and responsiveness to feedback consistently led to surpassing expectations.

Dedicated, hardworking, and a delight to collaborate with, Rob brings passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to his tasks. He fosters team empathy, excels in communication, and maintains a fun demeanor. For roles requiring creative visual thinking and artistic design, Rob is a top recommendation.

Shad Mirza

Senior Software Engineer at Hashnode

These testimonials provide a window into his multifaceted talents and their impact on various aspects of his professional journey.

I strongly endorse Rob for graphic design roles. Working alongside him at Hashnode, I observed his outstanding work ethic, communication, and professionalism. Rob's diligence consistently yields top-tier designs, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and aesthetic finesse. His creativity and out-of-the-box thinking lead to innovative, captivating designs that consistently meet project requirements.

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo

Customer Success & Software Engineer at Hashnode

Remarkable individuals have spoken glowingly about Rob's work. Their positive endorsements speak volumes about his abilities to design with flair, illustrate with precision, and lead with vision.

These testimonials not only highlight the quality of his craft but also underscore his collaborative and leadership strengths.

I commend Rob for his exceptional work and creativity. His designs blend simplicity and style seamlessly, showcasing a unique talent for impactful minimalism. His attention to detail and skill in conveying complex concepts through design consistently impress. Notably, Rob stands out due to his commitment to growth; he eagerly embraces challenges to enhance his skills. His work has continuously flourished, evolving with each project, reflecting his dedication to improvement. Collaborating with Rob was a pleasure; his positivity and enthusiasm were infectious, elevating our work and fostering a collaborative environment. I highly recommend Rob for his remarkable talent, work ethic, and pursuit of excellence—an invaluable asset to any team. His potential for success in his career is undeniable.

Sumudu Siriwardana

Former Product Manager at Hashnode

It is truly remarkable that you have such an eye for design, innate creativity and incredible ability to translate ideas into real life. I always admire your commitment to excellence, attention to detail and excellent communication skills.

We're all inspired by your positive attitude and contagious passion for what you do. You are a fantastic human being, Rob!

Sai Krishna Prasad Kandula

Senior Software Engineer at Hashnode

Their words resonate as evidence of the meaningful contributions Rob has made, and they offer insight into the dynamic and creative individual he is.

During my time at Hashnode, I closely collaborated with Rob, who was our adept Graphic Designer/Illustrator for social media and blog graphics. I enthusiastically endorse Rob for design-related roles due to his impactful contributions.

Rob's work, whether designing banners or crafting blog visuals, consistently stood out. Notably, his communication skills shine—he not only understood my graphics requests but also improved upon them with his keen eye for detail, making our collaboration seamless and productive.

Rob's contributions enhanced Hashnode's marketing efforts, infusing campaigns with fresh perspectives. Beyond his professional talents, he's a joy to work with personally—reliable, approachable, and always willing to assist, he uplifted the team's spirit and work environment.

In summary, Rob is an outstanding fit for any design role. His passion, creativity, and top-notch communication skills ensure he's a valuable asset to any organization. I am confident he will continue to excel and make substantial contributions in his future endeavors.

Eleftheria Batsou

Developer Advocate & Former Head of Marketing at Hashnode

Their words resonate as evidence of the meaningful contributions Rob has made, and they offer insight into the dynamic and creative individual he is.

Having collaborated with Rob at Hashnode, I wholeheartedly endorse him. His artistic prowess and meticulousness are exceptional. From captivating blog visuals to engaging social media images and impressive 3D sketches, Rob's work consistently surpassed expectations, resonating with our brand and audience. Working with him was a pleasure, given his professionalism and dedication. Rob's remarkable skills undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on any project or organization fortunate enough to have him onboard.

Alessandro Volpicella

Platform Engineering Lead at Hashnode

Rob's exceptional leadership, creativity, resilience, and work ethic are invaluable to our team. His inspiring leadership fosters collaboration, while his innovative thinking and meticulousness create captivating visuals. In the face of challenges, he remains composed, finding solutions and motivating us. Rob's dedication to excellence results in exceptional outcomes, always pushing beyond mediocrity. As an outstanding graphic designer, he leaves an indelible mark, setting him apart and adding immense value to any team. With his talent and dedication, Rob's career is bound for even greater success.

AJ Leon

Founder of Misfit. Investor, Producer, Artist, Designer, Philanthropist

Workspace, 2022

Tools of the trade

Throughout the years, I have honed my skills and expertise in various essential graphic design tools. These software applications are widely utilized by industry professionals, making them integral for both graphic designers and illustrators.










Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are essential for efficient teamwork. With Notion, Discord, Slack, Google Workspace, and Trello, seamless communication, document sharing, task management, and organization are made possible.







Jury’s Choice Winner!

In May of 2023, Rob Wapaño won the Jury’s choice award for the Freepik’s campaign, “Undead Ideas”. A campaign where contestants submit works of design and art that were rejected by clients then buried in their archives.

Featured artist: Rob Wapaño, winner of #UndeadIdeas

By Orana Velarde

You’ve already met the winner of #UndeadIdeas People’s Choice Award, Iraida Bearlala, and her blackboard-style food posters. This time, we present Rob Wapaño, winner of the Jury’s Choice Prize, with his illustration “Age of Strife.”

Since Rob Wapaño won the Jury’s Choice Prize, we asked him to create a unique collection for Freepik as a Featured Artist. But before we show you his fabulous creations, let’s meet Rob and get to know him better.